How to check your bill for unwanted charges (2023)

How to check your bill for unwanted charges (1)

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Apple is known for its products and services, which have become a staple for many families across the country. The company is now recognized not only for their hardware, but for their success in the digital world as well, with Apple Music and Apple TV+ together gathering over 110 million subscribers.

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Usually, you don't own just one Apple device, or use only one service, you probably have a few on your hands, and that can mean more chances of losing track of your Apple bill charges. Monthly subscriptions, accidental online purchases, and other unknown payments can get your finances jumbled and make you wonder: "Why is Apple taking money from my account?"

If you've ever asked yourself this question, read on for details on how to check your Apple store purchase history and figure out what you've been getting charged for.

What is the bill usually issued for?

Sometimes it's just one-time payments to or that you can't remember or explain, other times you may learn you've been paying Apple for something every month.

Whatever the case may be, here are the most common cases for when bill is issued:

  1. Purchases made from iTunes or App Store. Apple charges the credit card linked to your Apple ID account every time you buy an app, game, movie, music, or a similar item.
  2. Renewals of Apple Service subscriptions. Similarly, your linked card will be charged to pay for any subscription services, like iCloud Storage, Apple Music, Apple TV+, or Apple Arcade.

In both cases, bill charges may be small, easy to miss, and likely to be forgotten among numerous other payments that come off your card every month. If you'd like to find out which card is linked to your Apple ID account, go to Payment & Shipping from the Apple ID settings on your device.

How to check your bill for unwanted charges (2)

There is an unwanted bill charge in my account

We've all been there, opening the bank statement and seeing odd Apple charges on my account. It's not a comforting feeling if you don't know what you've purchased, so here is how you can get to the bottom of what that mysterious Apple bill is about.

There are a few ways to find out what was purchased:

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  1. Check your email. That should be the first and easiest step to solving the mystery. Apple sends a detailed invoice for every or charge on your account. Log into the email associated with your Apple ID and search by the date of the charge, the sender — Apple, or by simply typing the word "invoice."
  2. Call Apple's billing department. Their number goes with every Apple bill charge on your bank statement and they will be able to tell you what any bill charge is for.
  3. Go to It's Apple's website for problem resolution, but you can also check your purchase history there. Simply sign in with your Apple ID and enter the amount of the charge you see on your bank statement into the Search box.
  4. Contact Apple Support. This can become your last resort if you are unable to locate an bill charge using the methods above.

Why is Apple taking money from my account?

According to 2020 reports from Sensor Tower, an average user spends about $21 per month on their subscriptions, and an additional $11 on apps. That's almost $400 of small charges per year that often go unnoticed.

For the next time you look at your bank statement and wonder about a new Apple bill, here are all the cases when you might see Apple charges on my account:

  1. You've made a purchase using your Apple ID. Maybe you have just forgotten? This can often happen to pre-ordered items that haven't been fully charged yet. The amount on your bill can set you off as well, but it might be because Apple has grouped your purchases or you've paid for items partially using your Apple ID credit.
  2. Some subscriptions have escaped your memory. In other words, the or you are wondering about might be one of the monthly subscriptions. Maybe you've accidentally signed up for iCloud Storage or forgot to cancel Apple Music after the free trial?
  3. Your Family Sharing group member made a purchase. You will see charges from other members of the group if you are the Organizer. In this case, ask your family members if they can recognize the Apple itunes com bill charge in question. If you have young kids in the family, you might like to turn on the Ask to Buy feature to request permission before children can make purchases.
  4. Someone made a purchase using your Apple ID. This might be a person you willingly shared your password with, or a stranger who hacked into your account. You can protect yourself by creating a new, secure Apple ID password.
  5. Someone made a purchase using your card. Just like with the case above, if you suspect or discover that your card has been compromised, contact your bank to block the card and cancel any unwanted purchases. However, this should be your final strategy, after you've checked your account invoices and your Apple Store purchase history first.

How to check Apple Store purchase history on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

The first thing you'd want to do if you see unexpected charges from Apple is find out what you've bought. Checking Apple Store purchase history is quick, no matter what device you have on hand to do it.

How to check your purchase history on an iPhone or iPad

  1. Go to Settings ➙ Your Name ➙ iTunes & App Store
  2. Tap your Apple ID account, then tap View Apple ID
  3. If prompted, enter your ID password to sign in
  4. Scroll down and tap on Purchase History
  5. Select any purchase to view or Resend the invoice

How to view Apple purchase history on a Mac

  1. Launch Apple Music or iTunes on your Mac
  2. From the menu bar, click on Accounts ➙ View My Account
  3. If prompted, enter your ID password to sign in
  4. Scroll down to the Purchase History section and select See All
  5. Click on the Order ID next to a purchase to view or Resend email invoice

How to check your bill for unwanted charges (3)

If you ever find Apple bill charges on your account for purchases you're sure you didn't make — it might mean your Apple ID has been hacked or your credit card details have been stolen. To protect yourself from this scenario, you need to create a strong password and keep your card details secure.

Secrets is one of the best places to safely store your password information. It's definitely better than writing it down in a notebook, and easier than trying to remember a billion passwords for all your apps. Think of Secrets as a secure personal information vault that's intuitive in navigation, but impossible to hack. With industry-standard PGP encryption, this app will keep your existing accounts secure, while giving you access to them from anywhere in the world.

How to check your bill for unwanted charges (4)

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While on the topic of security and effectiveness, you can't forget about your network. Your internet can cause you problems not only by being slow, but by allowing others to access your data through an non-secure connection.

WiFi Explorer will help you fix your network problems better than any technician. With its range of extensive details about networks in the vicinity, the app gives out information about their connection quality and problems in seconds. Use WiFi Explorer to troubleshoot your own connections at home or in the office, and fix any network problems before they get in the way of your productivity.

Here is how you can quickly make sure your WiFi connection is secure and up to speed:

  1. Launch WiFi Explorer
  2. Wait for the app to scan your wireless environment and generate a list of active networks
  3. Use the Filter field at the top right to narrow down the networks on display
  4. Click any network from the list and select Network Details
  5. Go over to the Advanced Details tab and use expandable arrows for more information

How to check your bill for unwanted charges (5)

How to cancel unwanted Apple bill charges

Now that you've checked your Apple Store purchase history, you might find charges that you didn't authorize. You have a couple options in this case: head over to to use Apple's resolution process, or contact your credit card company and deal with the charge through them.

Oftentimes, we tend to underestimate how much we pay for apps and subscriptions, until we actually sit down to calculate it. That's why most unexpected bill charges will turn out to be a monthly subscription that you've forgotten about or an app purchase that you just didn't plan into the budget.

This is when a digital financial advisor like MoneyWiz comes in handy. It's not just a bill organizer, but a reliable online base for all your financial needs and information. MoneyWiz makes it easy to accurately plan your budget with spending forecasts, as well as pay all your bills on time with a bill payment organizer and reminder. Its user-friendly interface with some amazing time-saving options makes it one of the best budget apps to date.

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Here is how you can easily create an expense budget:

  1. Launch MoneyWiz and click on the Budget section ➙ New Budget
  2. Select whether you'd like to create an Income or Expense budget
  3. Fill out budget details in the window that appears
  4. Wait for MoneyWiz to scan all transactions and add relevant ones to the new budget

How to check your bill for unwanted charges (6)

In the more serious case of unexpected Apple bill charges turning out to be the consequence of fraud, you need to take action to protect your account. We've talked about changing your Apple ID password and contacting your bank, but there is more you can do.

Protect yourself from hackers and other online criminals by setting up two-factor authentication on your accounts. Step Two is a security app that brings ease and beauty into a two-step verification process. You can quickly add a new account by scanning its two-step QR code. The app also comes with a Safari extension that autofills your verification codes for you, simplifying the sign-in process, while keeping your account secure.

How to check your bill for unwanted charges (7)

Now you're an expert on how to check your Apple Store purchase history and deal with any unwanted bill charges. It's a good time to protect your accounts further with the help of Secrets and Step Two, get ahead on your budget planning with MoneyWiz, and up your network connection using WiFi Explorer.

Good news! All four apps – Secrets, Step Two, MoneyWiz and WiFi Explorer are available to you immediately and absolutely free through a seven-day trial of Setapp, a platform with more than 230 best-in-class macOS and iOS apps that can help make your life easier and solve any problem you can imagine. Try any Setapp app today and you'll never look back!

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How to check your bill for unwanted charges? ›

It's Apple's website for problem resolution, but you can also check your purchase history there. Simply sign in with your Apple ID and enter the amount of the charge you see on your bank statement into the Search box.

How do I find out what my Apple com charges are for? ›

How to see what you were charged for
  1. To see your purchase history, go to
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. A list of purchases appears. To see family members' purchases, select the Apple ID button and choose a family member.
  4. To see the full receipt including tax, tap or click the date.
May 16, 2023

What to do if you get a charge from Apple com bill not mine? ›

Report an unknown transaction or dispute a charge

On your iPhone, open the Wallet app and tap Apple Card. Scroll down and tap the transaction that you want to report. If the transaction was made in a previous month, scroll down and tap [month], then tap the transaction that you want to report.

How do I stop Apple from taking money from my account? ›

Open the Settings app. Tap your name. Tap Payment & Shipping. Tap Edit, tap the red Delete button, then tap Remove.

What is Apple com bill 866 712 7753? ›

Recently, more scammers have been using iTunes as a disguise to make fraudulent purchases. According to financial site MoneyTips, the charge looks something like this: "APL*ITUNES. CON/BILL 866-712-7753 CA." The majority of the charges start out small (so small, the cardholder likely won't notice them at first glance).

What is the $9.99 Apple charge? ›

$9.99 per month is the cost of 2TB of iCloud storage.

Why does Apple keep charging me for free apps? ›

In-app purchases allow developers to offer the app for free in the App Store (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android). Then, within the application, they can upsell and advertise paid upgrades, locked features, special items, and other premium offers.

What is the phone number to Apple customer service? ›

Does Apple eMail you about billing problems? ›

Troubleshooting A Phishing Scam:

Apple would never send you an eMail abut Billing Issues. This is a phishing scam. So, report this to Apple and secure your info:.

Is it easy to dispute a charge with Apple pay? ›

The easiest way to dispute an Apple Pay charge is through the Wallet app on your iPhone. You can also dispute a charge by contacting Apple customer service but be sure to have a record of the transaction and your Apple ID.

How do I stop automatic payments? ›

Give your bank a "stop payment order"

Even if you have not revoked your authorization with the company, you can stop an automatic payment from being charged to your account by giving your bank a "stop payment order" . This instructs your bank to stop allowing the company to take payments from your account.

Why is Apple Store taking money from my account? ›

If you see "" on your billing statement will appear on your billing statement when you buy music, films, apps or other content from Apple. It will also appear when a subscription has been renewed and when a family member has bought apps or content from Apple.

How do I cancel all my debit card subscriptions? ›

How to Cancel Automatic Payments on Your Debit Card
  1. Step 1: Call Your Debit Card Company. The first step is calling your debit card company. ...
  2. Step 2: Request to Cancel Your Recurring Billing. ...
  3. Step 3: Contact Your Bank. ...
  4. Step 4: Follow Up in Writing.
Mar 6, 2022

Is 866 712 7753 a legitimate Apple phone number? ›

It is a scam and not a legitimate Apple charge. Attached is a screenshot of the details from the bank where my MC is issued. Scary thing, was that the card was just reissued 4/18 because the CC# was stolen and the charge is on the brand new issued card number. What is Apple doing about this?

What phone is 800 692 7753? ›

Apple Online Store

You can buy online or call (800) MY–APPLE (800–692–7753). You can get information about an order you placed on the Apple Online Store through the Order Status page. If you prefer, you can also get order status or make changes by phone at (800) 692–7753.

How much is Apple music a month? ›

Apple Music is available in iTunes, and for iOS and Android devices. $4.99/mo.

Why am I getting charged 15.99 for Apple? ›

Check your purchase history. Make sure you have no active subscriptions. If you don't recognize the amount on your statement, multiple purchases might be grouped into one charge, even if you made the purchases on different days. You might not receive a separate email receipt for each purchase.

Why is Apple charging me $9.99 a month twice? ›

"If you think you're being billed twice for the same item, it might be a payment authorization hold and not an actual charge. The charge will disappear after your purchase clears."

What does Apple charge 30% for? ›

On the iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS App Store, Apple charges a 30% fee for apps and in-app purchases. However, the fee doesn't apply to free apps. Subscriptions are charged at 30% for the first year, which then drops to 15% for subsequent years. Developers can also apply for the App Store Small Business Program.

Will deleting the apps remove the charges on Apple? ›

Ask Help Desk: Deleting apps doesn't make their subscription charges go away.

How do I get rid of an app charge? ›

Click on the Menu that can be found in the upper left corner of the screen. From there, you can see Subscriptions in the sidebar, so tap this. It will load a new page for the information of the app. Look for Cancel Subscription and tap.

Does Apple have a 24 hour customer service line? ›

Apple online support inlcudes software updates and utilities, technical support and product information and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Tech Exchange is your resource for product-specific information and feedback.

Can I chat with Apple customer service? ›

To chat with the Apple customer support team, go to Then choose which Apple product or service you need help with and what issue you're experiencing. Finally, select Chat and sign in with your Apple ID or enter your product's serial number.

What phone number is 800 275 2273? ›

Call Apple Support right away at 1 (800) 275-2273.

How do I know if an email from Apple is legit? ›

Emails about your App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, or Apple Music purchases will never ask you to provide this information over email:
  1. Social Security Number.
  2. Mother's maiden name.
  3. Full credit card number.
  4. Credit card CCV code.
Mar 24, 2023

How do I manage fake emails on Apple? ›

If you receive a suspicious email or SMS text message that looks like it's supposed to be from Apple, please email it to Phishing refers to fraudulent attempts to get personal information from you, usually by email.

Why does Apple keep asking me to verify my billing information? ›

If a message says 'billing problem with previous purchase' or 'verification required' If these messages appear, you might be unable to make purchases, download free apps, or use subscriptions. To fix the issue, change your payment method.

What is the phone number to dispute charges with Apple? ›

Please call 1-800-MY-APPlE and speak to an Apple Specialist for more information.

How do I dispute an Apple charge on my debit card? ›

Under Latest Transactions, find and tap the transaction that you want to dispute. Under Transaction History, tap the transaction again. Tap Report an Issue. Select the issue that you're experiencing, then tap Continue.

Will Apple Pay refund money if scammed? ›

Apple does not offer refunds if you are scammed using apple pay. However, users' bank and card companies may be able to refund the money that was stolen from the users. Be sure to contact them as soon as possible.

Can you block a company from charging your credit card? ›

Stopping an automatic, recurring payment on a credit card is different. Start by putting in your request with the vendor. But if the vendor continues to charge your credit card, contact your card issuer. You'll have 60 days to dispute the charge, starting when the card issuer sends you the statement with the charges.

Can I tell my bank to block a transaction? ›

You can contact your bank and place a stop payment order on the recurring transaction. Generally, a stop payment order is only good for six months. To stop payment, you will need to notify your bank at least three business days before the next payment is scheduled to be made. Notice may be made orally or in writing.

Can someone debit your account without permission? ›

Both state and federal laws prohibit unauthorized withdrawals from being taken from your bank account or charges made to your credit card without your express consent having first been obtained for that to occur. Some laws require this consent to have first been obtained expressly in writing.

How can I cancel subscription? ›

Manage your subscriptions on Google Play
  1. On your Android device, go to your subscriptions in Google Play.
  2. Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  3. Tap Cancel subscription.
  4. Follow the instructions.

How do I find out what subscriptions I have? ›

Navigate to Settings > [your name] > Subscriptions (if you don't have any, this will not appear) to view your services. Tap the service you want to cancel and select Cancel Subscription. On a Mac, you unsubscribe from Settings. Android users can do the same from Google Play.

Does locking your debit card stop subscriptions? ›

When you lock a card, new charges and cash advances will be denied. However, recurring autopayments, such as subscriptions and monthly bills charged to the card, will continue to go through. Typically, so will bank fees, returns, credits, interest and rewards.

Will Cancelling a debit card stop subscriptions? ›

If a recurring payment has already received authorization it will be processed and paid. However, if a recurring payment has not received authorization and is activated while your debit card is turned off, the recurring payment will be declined.

Is 800 676 2775 Apple? ›

Contact the Apple Store at 1-800-676-2775 and place an order by phone.

Is Apple customer service real people? ›

Most often, your conversations will be with a live agent. You might get fast, automated responses for simple requests, but a real person will be available if needed.”

What is the Apple bill 866 712 7753? ›

Recently, more scammers have been using iTunes as a disguise to make fraudulent purchases. According to financial site MoneyTips, the charge looks something like this: "APL*ITUNES. CON/BILL 866-712-7753 CA." The majority of the charges start out small (so small, the cardholder likely won't notice them at first glance).

What is Apple 1300 number? ›

Contact Apple Support on 1300‑321‑456.

What number did Apple skip for the iPhone? ›

It Was the iPhone's 10th Anniversary

It would indeed sound a little odd if Apple used the iPhone 9 to mark the 10th year in its history of iPhones. The number mismatch would perhaps cause even more confusion, so skipping the iPhone 9 made more sense.

Does Apple Music have a senior discount? ›

There are no discounts for seniors on Apple Music.

How much is a 1 year subscription to Apple Music? ›

$9.99/month or $99/year for individuals.

Does everyone get 6 months free Apple Music? ›

New Apple Music subscribers get six months free with an eligible audio device. Make sure your iPhone or iPad is running the latest iOS or iPadOS. Then, you can activate your Apple Music trial after you pair your audio device to your iPhone or iPad. Or visit for more information.

How do I contact Apple support? ›

How do I contact Apple billing by phone? ›

Please call 1-800-MY-APPlE and speak to an Apple Specialist for more information.

Does Apple have a customer care number? ›

Get support now by phone or chat, set up a repair, and more. Call Apple Support at 1‑800‑APLCARE.

How much Apple Music cost? ›

How much does Apple Music cost? Apple Music costs $10.99/£10.99 per month, or $16.99/£16.99 per month for a family subscription for up to six people (which requires iCloud Family Sharing).

What is the Apple services charge? ›

What can be labeled as Apple Services transactions. Music, movies, TV shows, stickers, books, and app purchases (from the iTunes Store, App Store, and Book Store). These are billed at the time of purchase. They can also include in-app purchases, pre-ordered music or movies, and subscriptions that automatically renew.


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