What Are The Best Online Marketing Platforms In Nigeria? (2023)

As a Nigerian marketer, finding marketing platforms online for your clients’ products and services is difficult. Many online marketing platforms in Nigeria have certain weaknesses that can cripple the stability of the product in the market. With this lingering problem, marketers face serious confusion.

Research Gates quotes Sheth and Sisodia (1999) who have classified marketing’s lawlike generalizations into four key categories as location-centric, time-centric, market-centric, and competition-centric.

While Location-centric focuses on the physical separation between buyers and sellers, time-centric focuses on modeling the same or similar patterns of product and market evolution. Market-centric focuses on dividing the consumer market into well-defined and relatively homogeneous markets. And competition-centric ones focus on competitors and intensive competition.

Hence, there are many markets, and there are key strategies to employ when you want to enter any market with your client’s product or service. So, while this article will x-ray the best online marketing platforms in Nigeria, it will help you build a better understanding of the Nigerian market.

  • The Evolution of Online Marketing in Nigeria
  • What To Do Before Choosing an Online Marketing Platform In Nigeria
  • What Are The Best Online Marketing Platforms In Nigeria?
    • 5. Adverture.net
    • 4. Mobofree Nigeria
    • 3. Cheki.com
    • 2. OLX Nigeria
    • 1. Jiji.ng
  • Conclusion

The Evolution of Online Marketing in Nigeria

Marketing never used to be this way. The normal pattern was always newspapers, magazines, billboards, television – which is still popular, etc. But since the evolution of digital devices, marketing took a new turn as more people adopted these devices and consistently used them.

According to Invoice, digital marketing got visible around 2012. With the entry of eCommerce platforms like Jumia and Konga, the digital marketing arena picked. The industry growth between 2012 and 2018 has been tremendous, with these companies steadily increasing their reach.

In the future, more businesses and marketing platforms will spring up and with growth hacking strategies in place, their user numbers can proliferate. However, before you can decide to leverage any online marketing platform, you must know if it fits your target market.

What To Do Before Choosing an Online Marketing Platform In Nigeria

Social media has influenced the way online marketing works. A lot of platforms have tilted their operations to fit the pace of social media environments. So, before you choose an online marketing platform, you must ensure you follow certain steps. These steps include:

Research – Researching a platform is very important. Because of the large number of internet users, certain platforms have a select audience. When you can identify these platforms, then you can make informed decisions regarding them, especially if they fit your target market.

Follow-Up Conversations – If I were to say check reviews, then I would only limit your investigation. You need to follow different conversations regarding the platform. Most times, do this on the platform. When you follow up on these conversations, it will help you identify the entry points and how you can move in with your product or service.

Search For Progress Reports – If you want to know how fast a platform can grow, then you need to ensure you find progress reports regarding the platform. This progress report can come in form of testimonials from users and some collaborators as well.

If you duly execute your research on an online marketing platform in Nigeria or any part of the world, you would make fewer mistakes with your advertising, as you will optimize for the best results on your campaigns. Checking each platform’s Google My Business Presence can be a splendid start for you.

What Are The Best Online Marketing Platforms In Nigeria? (1)

Choosing an online marketing platform doesn’t have to be your decision. Instead of spending enormous time on research, let professionals who understand the market help you. Book a Free Marketing Consultation with our team by clicking “I want a Free Consultation Session” and let’s get started.

What Are The Best Online Marketing Platforms In Nigeria?

When you try to consider the best online marketing platforms in Nigeria, you would need to put into account certain important factors such as their history, market share, type of audience, and their number of visitors. And the following platforms you will read about all have received great recommendations from users over the years. Hence, these platforms include:

5. Adverture.net

Adverture provides a uniquely seamless experience for users and customers. With a strong emphasis on safety and customer satisfaction, you also get to save time on your journey and get quick delivery for your orders.

On adverture, you can perform a vast range of tasks from taxi booking, ordering of food, down to listing. Additionally, you can also make reservations at hotels and other accommodation homes when you’re new in a town.

If you’re looking for a job, you can find one on adverture. On the other hand, if you’re looking to hire, you can list too on this platform. Adverture gives you an opportunity to sell your brand to its high visitor numbers and remains one of the best online marketing platforms in Nigeria.

4. Mobofree Nigeria

When you desire a platform that gives you a wide range of options in products, the Mobofree is just what you need. Since their inception, they’ve connected manufacturers and consumers uniquely.

Each product on the platform has a category that displays every piece of information about the product. More so, this product listing has a lot of details that any interested customer can cover in just a few minutes.

On Mobofree, you will definitely find an offer that interests you, so please I think you should start shopping immediately.

3. Cheki.com

Cheki is also known as Autochek Africa. This is an online environment where you can buy cars, get quality car maintenance services, and even buy an enormous truck for your business. On this platform, you get some of the best deals for exceptional prices within select African countries.

The user experience on this platform is seamless. For any car you wish to purchase, you only need to search the name and model through the search bar. After making the search, you will see a wide range of your choice vehicle with different colours and prices.

A unique selling proposition that Autochek Africa possesses is that they make their customers do less. For example, when you want to sell your car, Autochek Africa will come to your preferred location to run a quick and efficient check on your car. After this check, you can proceed to negotiation wherein you can get a huge sale.

2. OLX Nigeria

OLX Nigeria is a part of the OLX Group fostering a huge chance in today’s e-commerce marketplace. With immense presence in so many African countries, this group continues pushing a huge course. And by covering more grounds, they’re surely on the right path.

Whether you want to sell or buy a car, sell or buy a home, purchase a piece of new furniture or any sort of appliance, OLX will connect you to someone who’s willing to sell to you. They’ve steadily connected buyers and sellers for years, and there have been little or no accounts of injustice.

With so many other brands under this major company, creating a closer market space has never been more interesting. Diversity inclusion remains one secret element that has helped the OLX Group grow after about 15 years of running the business successfully.

1. Jiji.ng

If you want to sell anything online in Nigeria, then you must have heard of Jiji. Jiji boasts to be Nigeria’s strongest online marketplace with millions of registered members buying and selling all range of products. From health products, properties, fashion items, etc, Jiji has a market.

This platform has seen rapid development that makes it possible for individuals to easily search out items they want to buy or sell. They simplify the listing process to enable upload some items you want to sell to a ready buyer. Because of the large presence of similar vendors, you can run advertisements on your products to gain a presence on the homepage of this platform.


In online marketing, there are many strategies, however, building a great online presence on social media will be highly beneficial. With large followership on any social media platform, you will spend less on paid advertising so you can fully maximize your profits.

However, while building this presence, utilizing the right platform can save you a similar level of cost. This is great for you as a business professional when you’re running a local business. Simply ensure you’re following the right steps and you’ll scale your business in no time.

On the other hand, you can do something better than reading this post. Something that will save you time, money, and energy. All you need to do is to let us help you with your online marketing process. Book a Free Marketing Consultation with our team by clicking “I want a Free Consultation Session” and let’s get started.


How can I do online marketing in Nigeria? ›

The best way to learn digital marketing is to practice on your own website. Create a blog and start writing content. Spend time mastering SEO and then move on to Google Ads and Facebook marketing. If you have the opportunity to join an established digital marketing agency then do it.

Where can I advertise my business online in Nigeria? ›

Places to Advertise Online
  • InfoGuideNigeria.com: This is a multi-author blog in Nigeria. Their advert rate is cheap considered to other blogs. ...
  • Naij.com: ...
  • Vanguard Newspaper's official website. ...
  • Pulse.ng. ...
  • linda Ikeji's blog. ...
  • Facebook. ...
  • Twitter. ...
  • Nairaland forum.

What platforms are like Jiji in Nigeria? ›

ng's top 5 competitors in December 2022 are: olist.ng, fiverr.com, jumia.co.ke, padandquill.com, and more.

How much are Nigerian marketers paid? ›

An early career Marketing Executive with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of ₦1,179,162 based on 18 salaries. A mid-career Marketing Executive with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₦1,800,000 based on 10 salaries.

Who is the biggest influencer in Nigeria? ›

Top Instagram Influencers
1Tiwa Savage @tiwasavage16.2M
2Funke Akindele Bello @funkejenifaakindele15.7M
3ITS DON JAZZY AGAIN 🐘 @donjazzy14.5M
4Ini Edo @iniedo13.3M
65 more rows

Which online business is profitable in Nigeria? ›

Best Online Businesses in Nigeria You Can Make Quick Money From
  • Online tutoring. ...
  • Publishing and selling books online. ...
  • Selling of photos And designs. ...
  • Starting a blog. ...
  • Selling on eCommerce websites. ...
  • Becoming a social media influencer. ...
  • Starting a podcast. ...
  • Writing resumes and cover letters.
Apr 12, 2022

What is the average salary of a digital marketer in Nigeria? ›

An early career Digital Marketing Manager with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of ₦1,186,436 based on 43 salaries.

What business sells fast in Nigeria? ›

What are the fastest growing small businesses in Nigeria?
  • Graphics Designing.
  • Poultry Farming.
  • Liquid Soap production.
  • Catering Services.
  • Interior decoration.
  • POS Business.
  • Palm Oil Business.
  • Dropshipping.

How can I promote my business online for free in Nigeria? ›

Take advantage of several free classified ads websites in Nigeria (e.g. Jiji.ng, Delon.ng, etc) that allow you post ads free of charge. They are usually very easy to use – below is an example of a homepage (Delon.ng) that shows how simple it is for a seller to post an ad.

How can I get more customers online in Nigeria? ›

Relocate to Canada Today!
  1. Get listed on V Connect. V Connect is the Nigerian Online version of a Yellow Page book. ...
  2. Open a Shopify. If you sell a product, my advice is to open a shopify. ...
  3. Start a social media page. ...
  4. Engage Social Media Influencers. ...
  5. Start a website.

Which app is mostly used in Nigeria? ›

App App NamePublisher Publisher
1OPayOPay Digital Services Limited
2PalmPay - Transfers, BillsPalmPay Limited
3WhatsApp MessengerWhatsApp LLC
4Facebook LiteMeta Platforms, Inc.
46 more rows

Is jumia better than Jiji? ›

Another factor to consider as a difference between jumia and jiji is that, jiji has more range of products, you can buy cars, houses, rent apartment and have services done, which is not available in jumia.

What is the most popular website in Nigeria? ›

Bet9ja.com and Nairaland.com remains the most visited and second most visited Nigerian websites.
Top 15 Nigerian Websites by Alexa Analytics.
Website NamePositionChange
11 more rows

Can a Nigerian make money online? ›

One of the best ways to earn money online in Nigeria is by selling stuff online. You can thrift clothes and furniture from your own home. Otherwise, you can look to purchase products wholesale to sell them on a retail forum.

Which company is the highest paid in Nigeria? ›

1. Chevron: Chevron is a leading company in the oil and gas sector. Apart from exploration of oil, Chevron Nigeria also ventures into the manufacturing and sale of petroleum products.

How do I make money daily in Nigeria? ›

At the same time, you can make money in Nigeria by freelancing your graphic designing, video editing skills and more.
  1. Crypto Trading. ...
  2. Get Paid For Your Opinion With Online Surveys. ...
  3. Affiliate Marketing. ...
  4. Tutoring and Creating Online Courses. ...
  5. Online Transcription.
Jul 4, 2022

How can I make $100 a day online? ›

29 Easy Ways to Make $100 Dollars a Day
  1. Get Paid for Your Opinion.
  2. Sign Up Bonuses & Cash Back Rewards.
  3. Freelance with Fiverr.
  4. Make Deliveries.
  5. Do Office Work.
  6. Watch Videos Online.
  7. Play Games.
  8. Become a Virtual Assistant.

What food is easy to sell to make money in Nigeria? ›

You can earn high profits by selling vegetables, rice, coconut, beans, cassava, potatoes, plantain, and more. African can make money as a retailer or partner with a farm in food and agribusiness. Selling farm goods is not a capital-intensive enterprise, but it does require a lot of planning and work.

Who is the highest paid Instagram in Nigeria? ›

Davido is the highest paid Nigerian influencer on Instagram

Davido comes after Egyptian footballer Mohammed Salah, making him the second-highest-paid influencer in Africa.

Who has the highest Facebook followers in Nigeria? ›

Peter Okoye is the most followed Nigerian celebrity on Facebook with a whooping 4.1 million likes, this also makes him the most followed Nigerian on any social media platform with 4.1 million strong Facebook following.

Who is the most searched celebrity in Nigeria? ›

Afrobeats performer Oxlade has emerged as the most Googled artist in Nigeria in 2022, according to Google's year-end list for 2022.

What sells online in Nigeria? ›

81 Best Products to sell online in Nigeria today
  • Mobile phone.
  • Phone accessories.
  • Fashion Items.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Health and Wellness Products.
  • Laptops.
  • Electronic devices.
  • Other electronic products that are fast-moving products online are:

Can a digital marketer Be A Millionaire? ›

With proper guidance and hard work, you can have many opportunities to kick start your career as a digital marketer and become rich.

How much does a digital marketer earn in Lagos? ›

The estimated salary for a Digital Marketing Associate is NGN 1,200,000 per year in the Lagos area. This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users.

Who is the highest paid digital marketer? ›

Highest-paying remote digital marketing jobs:
  1. Chief Growth Officer. The average salary range for a Chief Growth Officer is $218,000-$360,000. ...
  2. VP of Digital Marketing. ...
  3. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) ...
  4. BI Analytics Manager. ...
  5. Digital Strategist. ...
  6. Digital Project Manager. ...
  7. Digital Producer. ...
  8. Social Media Manager (SMM)

What Nigerians are buying online? ›

More than 90% of Nigeria consumers said they had purchased data top-ups online while 64% shopped more online for clothing, 56% for beauty products, with gifts, books and groceries tying equally at 51% each.

What do Nigerians buy the most? ›

Fashion Items: In Nigeria, shoes and clothing are in high demand. There are numerous styles of clothing and footwear available for men, women, and children. Additionally, certain circumstances will call for various attire. In Nigeria, the majority of individuals own many pairs of shoes.

Which app can I use to advertise my business in Nigeria? ›

Top Business Apps in Nigeria of Google Play Store

FX File Explorer (Plus License NextApp, Inc. Meta Business Suite Meta Platforms, Inc. InstaLogo Logo Creator Logo Maker Kft.

Where can I advertise my business in Nigeria? ›

  • JUMIA STORES. You might have heard about JUMIA on every digital platform. ...
  • KONGA. ...
  • PRINTIVO. ...
Jan 12, 2021

How do I advertise in Nigeria? ›

Here are the most common ways of marketing products and services in Nigeria.
  1. Radio: Radio is still a very effective way to market your business in Nigeria. ...
  2. Television: ...
  3. Online Content Marketing (Blogging, SEO, SEM): ...
  4. Newspaper & Magazines: ...
  5. Trade fairs & Forums: ...
  6. Social Media: ...
  7. In-store marketing: ...
  8. Posters & Billboards:

How can I get clients in Nigeria? ›

6 Tips on How to Get Clients
  1. Use social media. This might seem obvious, but having a social media presence is a great way of getting free publicity and a potentially wide reach. ...
  2. Blog posts. ...
  3. Network with other freelancers. ...
  4. Look at existing sites. ...
  5. Start for free. ...
  6. Take a look at your own website.
Jul 9, 2015

What company has the best customer service in Nigeria and why? ›

Julius Berger-AFP Wins 2021 'Best Customer Experience Company in Nigeria' Award. Julius Berger-AFP has won the 2021 Best Customer Experience Company in Nigeria Award.

Which network has the most customers in Nigeria? ›

MTN provides its service that includes telecom and data services to over 200 cities all across the country. It is Nigeria's premier network provider and it is the largest privately-owned mobile network provider in the entire Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

How can I do marketing in Nigeria? ›

Here are the most common ways of marketing products and services in Nigeria.
  1. Radio: Radio is still a very effective way to market your business in Nigeria. ...
  2. Television: ...
  3. Online Content Marketing (Blogging, SEO, SEM): ...
  4. Newspaper & Magazines: ...
  5. Trade fairs & Forums: ...
  6. Social Media: ...
  7. In-store marketing: ...
  8. Posters & Billboards:

How can I start my online marketing? ›

Subscribe for weekly updates
  1. Create your own website.
  2. Choose one digital marketing channel to focus on.
  3. Learn more about your chosen digital marketing channel.
  4. Execute on what you're learning.
  5. Familiarize yourself with free digital marketing tools.
  6. Apply for a job in marketing.
  7. Furthering your career.
Mar 11, 2021

What are the problems of marketing in Nigeria? ›

Here are a few.
  • Limited understanding of marketing.
  • Fragmented media vs shrinking budgets.
  • Lack of practitioners well-grounded in marketing.
Feb 25, 2019

How much are marketing managers paid in Nigeria? ›

The average salary for a Marketing Manager is ₦205,670 per month in Nigeria. The average Marketing Manager salary in Nigeria is ₦2,468,040 per year. Entry level Marketing Manager positions start at ₦2,097,840 per year. Experienced senior Marketing Manager positions can get up to ₦2,838,252 per year.

How can I get more customers for my business in Nigeria? ›

Develop your unique value proposition by identifying a need in the local market and serving that need – creating true value. Building a business around creating true value is the most successful way to find new customers in Nigeria.

How do I sell my first online business? ›

24 Ways to Make Your First E-Commerce Sale (Without Spending a Ton)
  1. Send Free Samples to Influencers. ...
  2. Start Blogging. ...
  3. Build an Email List. ...
  4. Sponsor an (In-Person or Virtual) Event. ...
  5. Interview Industry Influencers. ...
  6. Pull a PR Stunt. ...
  7. Experiment with Google Ads. ...
  8. Share the Load with Affiliate Marketing.

How do online marketing get clients? ›

How to find clients for digital marketing
  1. Open directories. Directories like YellowPages, Yelp, DMOZ, Manta, WhitePages, and many others are perfect places to get clients. ...
  2. Social networks. Social networks are a lead generation goldmine; it's no secret. ...
  3. Website extraction. ...
  4. Databases.


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